After 30 Years, Are The Simpsons About To Disappear Forever?

Disney’s purchase of Fox has all fans of the Simpsons worried, afraid that their favourite show will be cancelled.

It may not be perfect, but with 30 seasons and 669 episodes, The Simpsons is one of the best-loved series in the world. It may however be cancelled after season 32.

Why? Financial problems related to the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney. Even with great ratings and viewerships, the production costs for Disney is too high. The salaries, for example, of the original voice actors are a huge outlay for the current production company, Fox.

If the Disney buyout is formalised, the company may no longer accept these losses and will simply cancel the Simpsons or pause it to rework the contracts. The second option would at least allow for the series to end in style.

Check out the video above for everything we know so far...

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