A Peaky Blinders Videogame Is Coming - Here's Everything We Know So Far...

A Peaky Blinders Videogame Is Coming - Here's Everything We Know So Far...

The beloved TV series Peaky Blinders will soon be made into a video game. The studio Maze Theory is heading the project under the close eye of the series’ producers and writer Steven Knight. It’s already clear that there are some incredible surprises in store! Check out the video for the full details!

Peaky Blinders will soon have its own video game, according to Maze Theory, a studio specializing in virtual reality games. Players will be able to totally immerse themselves in the Shelby brothers’ gang and interact with them as if they were really there!

The studio has even released some info on the game’s storyline. You start out as a member of a small street gang, but your goal is to be noticed and eventually recruited by the Peaky Blinders. Then you take on different tasks for the gang to climb the ranks and become one of the Shelby Brothers’ right-hand men. As the game goes on, other show characters will make appearances to add to the total Peaky Blinders experience.

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Unfortunately, we have a while to wait before we can fully immerse ourselves in the Shelby Bros’ world: the virtual reality game is expected to come out in 2020... For now, check out the video above for all the details we have so far!

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