Naughty Boy and Arlene Phillips: Have the two quit I'm a Celeb?

After both Arlene Phillips and Naughty Boy threatened to walk out of Gwrych Castle last night, has either of them quit I’m A Celeb?

Has Naughty Boy quit I’m A Celeb?
Has Naughty Boy quit I’m A Celeb?

It’s only been a few days in Gwrych Castle for the ten celebrities taking on the challenge of I’m A Celeb this year, but already tensions are reaching boiling point. In last night’s episode, both Naughty Boy and Arlene Phillips revealed they were thinking of throwing in the towel after Main Camp picked Naughty Boy for his second trial in a day.

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Raging at the decision, Naughty Boy told his fellow camp mates:

I don't think I will be going to main camp, I can't continue and my heart's not in it any more, I'm led by my heart.

Have Arlene or Naughty Boy quit I’m A Celeb?

Ant and Dec confirmed at the end of last night’s episode that both Naughty Boy and Arlene had joined the Main Camp with the other celebs after all. As of Wednesday morning, they were both still in Gwrych Castle.

What happens if someone walks out of I’m A Celeb?

If Arlene or Naughty Boy do follow through on their threat to walk out, they likely won’t be replaced. While Rudimental star DJ Locksmith went into isolation in Wales at the same time as the other camp mates and was said to be a ‘back up,’ it seems he was only set to go in if another camp mate dropped out before the start of the show. Judging by his Instagram posts, the star now appears to be back home with his family.

In previous years, there have been no replacements for camp mates who have walked out, withdrawn for medical reasons or been removed by producers after the show has begun. Interestingly, last year’s runner-up Jordan North entered the castle after Naughty Boy had to drop out at the last minute.

Naughty Boy is headed for I’m A Celeb 2021 Naughty Boy is headed for I’m A Celeb 2021