Michael Jackson: His Secret Will That Could Change Everything

Michael Jackson’s publicist has revealed the existence of a secret will belonging to the King of Pop that was written three years before he died. This could change everything.

Michael Jackson's Secret Will
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Michael Jackson's Secret Will

Inheritance cases and wills have been making the news over recent months. But today, it’s Michael Jackson’s will that's making headlines. For once, it's not a piece of news about accusations around his behaviour with children.

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Just months ago in August, Raymone Bain, MJ’s publicist, held a press conference during which she mentioned the existence of a mystery will that was written three years before the artist died.

What does it say? Unfortunately, Michael Jackson’s former collaborator doesn’t know.

Raymone explained that the artist ‘painstakingly outlined how he wanted his legacy to be preserved and maintained […] I have wished, I have hoped and I have prayed that Michael Jackson’s will – dated October 6, 2006 – would be found, revealed, discovered, dropped from the sky.’

Raymone event went on to talk about how MJ and President Donald Trumped were at one time very close and reached out to the president for aid in the finding of this alleged new will. Her pleas were met with laughs from the press.

This secret could change everything. Michael Jackson, who died on 25th June 2009, had debts that amounted to around 500 million dollars, but his fortune totalled to about a billion dollars.

When he died, the will he wrote in 2002 was carried out. If his secret will that was written in 2006 manages to be found, it could change everything…

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