With Promising Careers Ahead Of Them, They Left Everything For The Journey Of A Lifetime

With one of them working in the human resources department in a large company, and the other as a professional fashion photographer, Marie Couderc and Nil Hoppenhot decided to quit their promising careers to take the trip of their lives.

You can see the story of their incredible journey through videos on 2PVA, meaning Deux Pas Vers l’Autre (‘Two Steps Towards Each Other’ in English), the association they founded to travel around the South of Europe on foot. Marie and Nil both quit their ‘dream jobs’ to go from Portugal to Turkey with nothing but their legs. Having left on 5th February for Sagres, they should have completed their trip in Istanbul in Autumn 2019.

10,000km of paths that span out over 17 countries including Spain, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece and even Romania to name just a few.

Hiking 3.0

As well as a sporting challenge, their approach is above all an act of sharing and a digital challenge, as they write, photograph, film, edit and publish all their discoveries and encounters they make throughout this adventure. Although edited along the way, the quality of the photos and videos produced by 2PVA is amazing, thanks to Nil Hoppenot’s amazing skills in the area (Marie is very good at it as well). With interviews, country episodes and logbooks, they are using lots of different formats to share this journey in both French and English.

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Magnificent work that could even turn into a change in career. So, are Marie and Nil the influencers of tomorrow? In any case, we’re enjoying watching how this crazy journey pans out about as much as they are doing it.

Anna Wilkins
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