While Out On A Lake, These Tourists Were Shocked By A Very Strange Cloud

These tourists’ boat ride took a rather unpleasant turn!

Iceland is a country known for its sublime landscapes! It is a destination which is very popular with tourists, many of them go there every year to discover the unspoilt nature. But like any country with such an environment, we can come across some unpleasant surprises as well... The proof is in this impressive video!

An excursion with unwanted guests

It was in the north of Iceland in the vicinity of the Krafla volcano that this sequence took place. There is a large body of water there known as Lake Mývatn. If the scenery seems bucolic, you should know that this lake has a particularity; it is frequently invaded by clouds of insects, hence its name ‘lake of flies.’

There, flies and gnats fly by the millions to the delight of the ducks and other birds that populate the shores of the lake, who only have to open their beaks to feed. For tourists, however, this presence is less appreciable and keeping your mouth closed is a necessity if you do not want to join in on the insect feast!

On this footage, you can ‘admire’ the extent of the phenomenon. Huge black clouds can be seen forming on the horizon and spoiling the landscape a bit... Although we really want to go to Iceland, we are not sure we will go out on Lake Mývatn... We will certainly favour other activities!

Check out the video above to see the creepy footage for yourself!

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