Underground Travel In Japan Is A Delight... Thanks To One Foolproof Technique

Japanese people are applying a foolproof technique to get into the subway without pushing one another.

Japan is a country particularly known for its smooth running and extremely polite and rules-compliant population. We have to admit that they do not really have the choice : being very numerous on a restricted territory, they must be organised so that the chaos does not take over. And the subway is no exception to the rule!

How to save time to get into a metro?

The Japanese are well organised and have an infallible technique. They line up one after the other and line up in front of each opening of the doors. They create a central passage wide enough to let travelers out of the car. They can then climb into the metro with everyone waiting their turn, until the last person.

Everything happens peacefully

As can be seen on the video, everything is done calmly, no one pushes or tries to obstruct the closing of the doors. On the other hand, we must recognise that the doors stay open much longer than at home, which greatly facilitates the process and avoids people pushing one another! We can hardly imagine that something like that could happen in London, especially at rush hour...

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