Travelling Through This Incredible Tunnel In Shanghai Is An Experience Like No Other

Thanks to this video shot in Shanghai, you will be able to cross the surprising Bund tourist tunnel. It looks just as if you were actually there.

In terms of tourist attractions, China has no shortage. Located in Shanghai, the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is a pedestrian tunnel that connects the Bund and Pudong areas with automatic shuttles. But going through this tunnel is a completely new experience!

An incredible show

The journey takes place in small shuttles advancing at a reduced speed but there is no question of being bored during the trip. To occupy the passengers, the designers created quite the light show. Holograms, laser beams and amazing light shows are there to dazzle visitors... It is quite memorable! The travellers might even be disappointed to arrive and see that the journey has come to an end, surprising for public transport!

Travel to another dimension

It's almost like another dimension with beams animated by vivid LEDs combined with sounds that are broadcast through the tunnel. It also reminds us of the animation of a proposed space ship in Barcelona, which gives the impression to travellers that they are travelling through space in a ship just like in a science fiction movie. In any case, we definitely want to try out this tunnel in Shanghai!

Check out the video above to experience the tunnel for yourself!

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