This Woman Paid Just £355 A Month To Live At The Luxury Plaza Hotel In New York

For 35 years, one American lady lived in New York’s luxury Plaza Hotel. Envied by many, Fannie Lowenstein grabbed herself an absolute bargain, with her monthly rent equalling half the amount of a current nightly rate.

Yes, it is without doubt an unbelievable story. Just like an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Fannie Lowenstein lived in one of New York’s most luxury hotels, for 35 years. At the time she moved in The Plaza, much like other major hotels, was in crisis. After suffering a customer shortage following the war, they had to take in permanent tenants so they could stay in business. This scheme would ensure guaranteed revenue every month. The price, that remained constant, was 0 (£355) per month.

Three years after moving into the hotel, Fannie Lowenstein’s husband died. But thanks to a conscientious lawyer, threatening to sue for defective carpet, she managed to stay living there. The day Donald Trump bought the hotel, he was told that the biggest problem was this woman who continued to live in the hotel. In addition to her stubborn nature, she would behave in very strange ways, explained the former lawyer of the establishment: ‘She complained about everything, she would shout…she terrified everyone, this little 80-year-old woman’.

Although she was inherently against Trumps policy, to avoid having major problems with her, Trump offered her an apartment in the hotel. This bigger, better decorated room even had a view of Central Park and Fannie accepted the offer straight away. After suddenly falling ill one day, Fannie decided to leave the Plaza and move in on Park Lane where she paid full price. She lived there until she died in April 1992.

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