This tourist got way more than he expected when he asked for help on the Japanese metro

What do you do when you're lost or have trouble navigating Japan's subway system? This tourist just pressed a button, but he wasn't expecting what happened next!

Travelling is often an opportunity to experience new things and learn more about a country's culture. And in some cases, you'll notice huge cultural differences! These two tourists who went to Japan experienced just that.

The Japanese metro is full of surprises! And sometimes all it takes is the push of a button to be wowed. That's exactly what happened to these tourists who went on a trip to the land of the rising sun. While on the subway, the two men had trouble buying a ticket from a machine as they embarked on a trip to a fish market in a nearby town.

Truly personalized assistance

One of the two tourists just pressed the 'assistance' button on the machine and, after a few seconds of waiting, they received help, not from a bot, but from an actual person in the flesh! A man literally came out of the machine to help them. After advising the tourists, the agent went back to his 'office' using the door he had come through as if nothing had happened!

Only in Japan

Can you imagine if the tube had agents hiding inside walls, waiting to answer any questions you might have? It sounds quite surreal, as normal as it might be in Japan...

Watch the video above to witness the hilarious interaction!

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