This Pilot's Selfies Are Breaking The Internet

Instagram photos of this pilot plane have created a lot of controversy. In fact, his feed is full of pictures he took of himself while up in the air, sticking his head out one of the windows of his cockpit!

Many Internet users have been outraged by pictures of the pilot, the man behind Instagram account @pilotganso. Followed by more than 43,000 people, the man regularly posts images where you see him outside of his cockpit taking a selfie.

These images do show magnificent views of Dubai or New York but mostly reveal deeply dangerous behavior on the pilot's part. Some Internet users have pointed out the seriousness of the situation while others have managed to discover his trick.

These extremely realistic photos prove that @pilotganso is particularly talented in Photoshop. To reassure Internet users, he had to confirm that these photos were indeed false in the comments section of one of his posts.

#JoshFight2021, the massive viral battle born from a meme #JoshFight2021, the massive viral battle born from a meme