This Man Had The Most Ridiculous Reaction When His Flight Was Delayed

The year really didn’t start off well for this RyanAir passenger.

The low cost company is known for its recurring problems. This time, it was a passenger that was the problem. Earlier this year, a Polish man of 57 named Victor was taking a flight from Malaga to London. All was going well until the company announced a 30 minute delay. But once half an hour had passed, the plane still didn’t seem like it was going anytime soon, and no information has been given to the passengers, who had to wait another half an hour.

The problem was that a man was having an asthma attack. According to a witness, the personnel on board didn’t provide him with any help when he asked to get some air. Therefore, he went straight to the emergency exit, activated the opening mechanism and stuck his head out of the exit. When he realized that he had access to the wing of the plane, he collected his hand luggage and climbed onto it.

In a video filmed by a passenger, we see the Polish man on top of the wing of the plane, as if he was trying to get off, and then just sitting down. According to a Spanish holiday-goer, “the captain was flabbergasted.” The man was quickly arrested by the civil guard.

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself!

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