This Is The World's Most Delicious Street Food

Discover these street food dishes and specialties from all over the world.

Pastel de Nata – Portugal. It tastes sort of like a custard pie

Churros – Spain. You can even get them at funfairs (although they’re not as good!)

Poffertjes – The Netherlands. They’re like mini pancakes

Currywurst – Germany. This is sausage covered in curry and ketchup

Arancini – Italy. Balls of rice covered in breadcrumbs with a mozzarella and Bolognese sauce at the center

Chimney cake – Czech Republic. This is like a cone made from cake coated in icing sugar

Baklava – Turkey. This is pastry with layers of honey and pistachios

Falafel – Israel. This is purified chickpeas with cumin, coriander, paprika, garlic, parsley and onions

Masala Dosa – India. These are types of crepes served with sambar and chutney

Kottu Roti – Sri Lanka. This is a dish made with bread, eggs, meat and mixed spices

By Anna Wilkins
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