This Is The World's Longest Road Trip And It Looks Incredible

Following a mapping study done of roads around the world, the YouTube channel Half as Interesting has discovered what could be the longest possible road trip, and it goes through Europe!

If you were to do the longest road trip in the world at an average of 6 mph (a jogging pace) at a rate of 12 hours per day (which is already an extreme marathoner’s performance), you would need just over 117 days to complete it. The distance which separates the cities of Sagres in Portugal and the city of Khassan on the border of North Korea, passing through Europe and Asia, is 8744 miles.

This huge distance is more than a third of the circumference of the planet. To plan out this route the shortest possible distance had to be found between the two points, without crossing neither ocean nor sea. With this system, one learns that it is impossible to pass from the Middle East to Africa without going across an expanse of water (the Suez Canal). Similarly with North and South America, separated by the Panama Canal. The second longest road trip is in North America, starting in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and ending in Yaviza, Panama. It is 7500 miles long, 1244 miles shorter than the Eurasian one.


Rob Mitchell
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