This Group Of Hotels Is Strictly 'Adults Only'
This Group Of Hotels Is Strictly 'Adults Only'
This Group Of Hotels Is Strictly 'Adults Only'
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This Group Of Hotels Is Strictly 'Adults Only'

By Anna Wilkins

Hotels for adults are more and more sought after for clients over the age of 18 who are eager for quite a unique experience.

This is the new trend when it comes to going on holiday: hotels reserved just for adults. It has to be said that they’re ideal if you don’t want to be disturbed by the crying and sobbing from children in the swimming pool, for example. But it’s also ideal if you want… to party!

But you should be a little wary too, some of these ‘adults only’ hotels may actually be establishments intended for swingers, but the majority of them have no connection to sex. These hotels offer access to the spa or a private pool but also cocktails and alcoholic night time events and entertainment. The most sought-after destinations are in the Dominican Republic, Mexico (especially Cancun) but also the Balearic Islands and Thailand. But what are these hotels for? So that their clients don’t spend their money elsewhere of course!

In total, there are 1,300 ‘adults only’ establishments throughout the world. So, who fancies going on an adventure?

Check out the video above for more on these exclusive destinations...

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