This Disused Airport Hangar Has Been Transformed Into A Huge Tropical Waterpark

If you like waterparks, you’ll love this! Built in a massive warehouse, it is one of the biggest and most over-the-top in the world.

Whether it’s hot or cold, what’s better than a waterpark to relax and please all the family? Especially when it’s indoors, like this one! This fairly surprising park was tested by a father and son who filmed plenty of videos, and as you’ll see, it’s well worth the journey!

Out of the ordinary size

360 metres long, 210 metres wide, 107 metres tall and a capacity of 5.5 million square metres: the waterpark Tropical Islands, located in Germany, is one of the biggest in the world! Located 45 minutes southeast of Berlin, it is sheltered by a disused warehouse that was intended to host the construction of an airship, which never took place. It is now one of the biggest buildings in the world in terms of volume.

A guaranteed change of scenery

There is a tropical atmosphere in this warehouse: a temperature of 26 degrees, 64% air humidity, an enormous tropical forest, a huge beach, water jets, numerous slides, swimming pools, an artificial lagoon…Everything is built to recreate the atmosphere of one of the paradise islands of the Pacific or Indian Ocean. The park can host around 6,000 visitors every day.

You can even make out some “wild” birds, almost as if we were on a real beach on a deserted island.

So, what would you say to having a little look around? We’re already looking at the cost of the airfares…

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