This Australian Attraction Gives You The Chance To Swim With Crocodiles

In Darwin, Australia, a spectacular new attraction has just opened. Instead of swimming with dolphins, visitors to the park are able to jump into a pool surrounded by crocodiles.

Entering this amusement park located in Darwin, Australia, visitors are certain to be in for some thrills. And for good reason, they are facing a large pool filled with crocodiles. Some are quite large, these sacred animals can weigh up to 750 kilograms.

First contact

The tour begins with people seeing the pool, and they can watch the crocodiles move and the can even feed them, it is quite impressive! You can see that the wriggling crocodiles can jump and even get out of the water... This is not the right time to lose track of your arms and legs, ensuring that there are no accidents during a show.

Safety first

Rest assured, there is absolutely no way of swimming directly with the crocodiles. Visitors are seated in a large transparent container that is equipped with a protective grid to ensure that the crocodiles do not jump into the cylinder. The predators then swim around them, and even tap against the glass; the guests can wear diving goggles to be certain to see them well. To make the experience is even more impressive, park staff lure the crocodiles with food, which promises to create even more thrills.

Check out the video above for a taster of what this thrilling experience is really like!

Girl, 8, killed by crocodile while swimming in a river Girl, 8, killed by crocodile while swimming in a river