This Bloke Makes A 250 Square Foot Flat Look Like A Luxury Apartment!

What would you do if you lived in an apartment that was less than 258 ft2 (24m2)? You’d probably go mad right? Well surprisingly, this isn’t the case for Christian Schallert. In this video he proudly shows us around his tiny studio apartment that to many, is far from the perfect home.

250 square feet. That’s all the space Christian Schallert needs to live a happy life. This apartment is far from desirable though.

In this tiny space, Christian has installed everything anybody could ever need in an apartment. Transforming what used to be a gloomy derelict room, he has transformed this space into a comfortable Lego-style apartment.

It’s got all you could ever need. A kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, wardrobe and even a balcony. The peculiar thing about this apartment however is that everything is packed away in the walls.

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Christian has “arranged” all of his furniture in compartments that make up the walls of the studio. When he reveals what’s behind the walls, it’s certainly eye-opening, to say the least.

This apartment is far from the million-pound palaces of Knightsbridge, but it certainly gets full marks for ingenuity.

Check the video above and see Christian give a tour of his micro-apartment!

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