They Spent £5,500 On A Luxury Villa But What They Found Was An Absolute Wasteland

After booking what they thought was a luxury villa, a couple of girls were left with their jaws on the floor when they arrived at their hotel.

A non-existent villa

On Twitter, the adventures of a group of holidaymakers are currently flying around social media, causing various reactions from internet users.

On Sunday 18th August, a young woman called Chloe took to Twitter to explain the situation that she and her friends had found themselves in:

‘You realise that we paid about 6,500 euros for a villa in Croatia, we were so excited and when we got there it was just a wasteland???’

The teen's anger

This Tweet was followed up by one from another member of the group who complained about the little help they had received from the site, with whom the reservation had been made. To support their claims, they attached a video of the wasteland where the villa was supposed to be to their tweet:

‘The only options we have is a refund within 10 working days or booking another villa at our own expense. We’re now in Split without accommodation and no solution!’

‘When we arrived at the address given by @bookingcom and discovered it was a wasteland, we called @bookingcom customer service and got no help or gesture of goodwill.’

For now, the site hasn’t issued a statement about the situation. The two young women are still trying to get a response or compensation from the website.

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