These Infrared Images Of Las Vegas Will Blow Your Mind

A director shot images of Las Vegas in infrared.

Las Vegas needs no introduction! The city of a thousand lights is often at the centre of surreal scenes throughout the year. But we can guarantee that it still has plenty of surprises!

Discover Vegas as you've never seen it... British director Philip Bloom, who worked for Lucasfilm or Discovery HD, had the surprising idea of ​​filming Las Vegas in infrared images. The footage has blown us away! The City of Sin takes on a different look, almost apocalyptic-looking!

A city in a new light

The city is slow, under its new greyish colour. The places are almost unrecognisable. A work of genius that makes us travel in a new dimension. We are far from the usual warm colors of the city of sin. The inhabitants seem to be frozen, which gives a really graphic and aesthetic rendering.

A superb finish

Casinos, fountains, streets lined with palm trees, huge buildings... All of Las Vegas is represented in this very surprising video! We hope that the filmmaker will make many more of these videos with cities around the world. We suggest London if he needs some inspiration.

Take a look at the video above to see the amazing footage for yourself!

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