These Are The 'Secret' Hotel Rooms That Are Hidden Away From The Majority Of Clients

Have you planned a trip for the coming weeks? You might not know, but many hotels hide some of their rooms from their customers… Here's why.

The Bloomberg site has demonstrated via a hotel in Iceland, the Retreat at Blue Lagoon, that one of its most luxurious rooms is kept secret from normal customers. This suite, which is not mentioned on their website, has no description anywhere and it is impossible to find out the cost. The reason? It is kept for the VIP customers.

A suite where you won’t be bothered

Many luxury suites are not mentioned on websites. The only way of finding out that these exceptional rooms exist is by knowing they exist. To have the dream night, these suites can only be reserved on invitation. Bloomberg has asked the Icelandic hotel’s marketing director why the royal suite is not listed. He responded that it was only available to the people who did not want to be seen, because it has a separate entrance and has a private little heliport which goes directly to the airport. If we understand correctly, these rooms are ideal for the big stars or important personalities who want some peace and quiet during their holiday.

These rooms should be protected

Stephen Brandman, manager of the luxury hotel enterprise Journal Hotels, has indicated that 'normal' customers cannot use these hidden rooms: 'let’s say that a suite costs £1,800 a night, we don’t want to have ten people who come together and pay 180 pounds each to have a party. Think about it. A group of school kids rent out the penthouse for their prom and all of a sudden, there is a serious problem,' he explained to Bloomberg. 'These suites are kept secret for the protection of valuable objects, like works of art. The customer must therefore be worthy of our confidence to be able to stay there.'

But who selects the happy chosen ones who get to spend a night there? Some suites are called the manager’s suite. Only the manager of the hotel, who has control over these rooms can make them available. Others are called the partners’ rooms, that is to say the suites which are only reserved for members of a club to which they would have paid a six-figure cheque to join.

So, we suppose us normal folk can only dream of spending a wonderful night in one of these secret suites…

Check out the video above for a sneaky peek at some of these exclusive 'secret' rooms...

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