These Are The Most Extraordinary Rocket Fireworks You'll Ever See

On the occasion of the rocket festival, people in Thailand build some seriously stunning homemade inventions.

When traveling to distant destinations, one often has the opportunity to witness some rather surprising shows. Culture, religion and traditions can be so different that you get to make some truly incredible discoveries! This footage is a perfect example.

Every year, before the monsoon season in Thailand, there is a very special holiday. The theme of the festival is rockets! The people get together to have a contest in competitive firing of home-made artisanal fireworks of the most imaginative and creative sort. This video captured one of the rockets and we must admit that it is seriously impressive.

We see many people gathered around where the rockets are fired and take turns lighting theirs so that it can take off. Once they’re done lighting it up the guys quickly run away to get away as far away as possible! The rocket flew around in a circle surrounded by a cloud of smoke turning on itself like a whirlwind, drawing spectacular volutes up high in the sky before falling gently through a parachute, surrounded by colourful confetti, as we can see, everything was planned.

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself...

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