These Are The Destinations People Searched For The Most On Google In 2018

After Kayak or LastMinute did this, it's now Google's turn to disclose its annual report of the most popular destinations searched by Internet users around the world! Whether country, city or region, these 10 destinations are the most sought after in 2018!

These Are The Destinations People Searched For The Most On Google In 2018
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Which destination was the most frequently typed in the search engine bar preceded by "trip to"? In its annual review of queries made by users from all walks of life, Google has drawn up its top 10 destinations in 2018, with some surprises and obvious answers. Europe is the most requested region of the world, since 5 countries from this old continent are present!

Without further ado, here is the top 10 list:

10 - Spain: From Madrid to Barcelona, ​​making a (big) detour through the Alhambra and the Andalusian region, Spain has beautiful corners to dream in and challenge your inner tourist.

9 - New Orleans: neither country nor city, the state of New Orleans in the USA shines due to its culture. It's the birthplace of universal musical genres such as jazz. And for the more French-inclined visitors, a small tour to the Vieux Carré is a must.

8 - New York: Regularly at the top of various "destination" rankings, particularly popular with French tourists, the Big Apple has a bright future ahead of it.

7 - Bora Bora: French Polynesia is a dream of every adventurer in search of paradise islands. Among these dreamlike places, Bora Bora remains the Holy Grail of them all. Having emerged from underwater 3 million years ago, Bora Bora mesmerizes crowds with its turquoise water.

6 - Las Vegas: Do we really need to include Las Vegas? The city of casinos, the city of celebration, the city of 40 degrees Celsius in the shade? If there's one place that'll make your wedding rock'n'roll, it's Las Vegas!

5 - Ireland: The country of Leprechauns and Guiness attracts more tourists each year! Between attractive prices, a welcoming population, breathtaking landscapes and a taste for parties, the Irish provinces have everything you need to welcome you!

4 - Bahamas: From Nassau to Garden On The Grove, this archipelago by the coral reef located in the Atlantic Ocean is the place of many fantasies. For diving lovers, be aware that the Lucayan National Park is the largest underwater cave site!

3 - Iceland! Well, it seems that people around the world are happy to spend Christmas there! Northern lights, glacial caves, blue lagoons... The country of the Vikings and volcanoes is an archipelago unique to this planet.

2 - Paris!! Cou-cou, Paris is still there. The French capital remains the most sought-after city, the most attractive, and the most fantastic. However, the movement of Yellow Vests seems to have cooled some of the will to travel during the end of the year; but Paris still remains Paris.

1 - Italy!!! The Colosseum of Rome, the pathway to the Dolomites, the boats of Venice - the list of things to do to in Italy is far too long. The Italian boot leaves lots of people jealous and has many things to offer!