These Are The 5 Things You Should Never Touch In A Hotel Room

From the moment you drop your bags in a hotel room, you just want to feel like you’re at home. However, we don’t suggest you go around touching everything in there. Here are the 5 places that you should never touch in a hotel room…

These Are The 5 Things You Should Never Touch In A Hotel Room
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When you arrive in a hotel,the first thing most people worry about is how clean the room is… And some objects aren’t as clean as you might think they are.

1. The pillow cases

From each client to the next, the hotel room has to be cleaned. This is obvious when it comes to changing the sheets which have to be clean for every new client. But this isn’t always the case with the pillow cases. A study carried out in five large hotel chains in America have revealed that some employees don’t clean the pillow cases if they are not visibly dirty. Some employees are happy enough to sometimes just shake them off and iron them to make them look like they’re clean.

2. The bed covers

This one is even worse. According to a study led by CNN, the covers on top of the bed might in fact only be changedon average 4 times a year. But let us reassure you, this isn’t the case for every hotel, but you can never be too careful! It’s up to you to come up with a way to avoid these areas if you feel like you need to.

3. and 4. The phone and remote control

It seems that these two electrical devices could be the most germ-contaminated items in a hotel room. They aren’t cleaned very often and could sometimes contain up to 3 times more that the tolerated limit of germs. What’s more, according to tests that have been carried out, there could also be ‘faecal contamination on the remote control’ if a client uses it after going to the toilet without washing their hands… Maybe you should think about disinfecting these objects before you use them.

5. Cups and glasses

The cup that holds your toothbrush or the glasses that you drink from are more often than not only rinsed out between clients. What’s even worse, they are sometimes washed with products that are completely unsuitable and dangerous if you drink from a glass that hasn’t been rinsed out properly. We suggest you clean them with an appropriate product or, if you don’t have one, use packaged products that are definitely cleaner and safer.

Now you know everything… If you’re a clean freak, keep all this in mind!

Check out the video above for more on why you can never be too careful when it comes to hotel rooms...