There's an entire village in Spain put up for sale for the price of a London flat

Do you want to move to a far away place or invest in real estate? Here's an ad that might interest you: a whole Spanish village, at an 'affordable' price.

Now is the time for buyers looking for unusual real estate. After Italian houses going on sale for one euro, a six-foot wide house up for grabs in London, or even a private island in Scotland, it's time for another lot to stand out. The Galician Country Homes agency has just put up for sale a whole small Spanish village!

Home away from home

Called Xerdiz, this hamlet is located in the north-west of Spain, in Galicia. It comprises six buildings, two of which have been fully restored, on a five hectare site. As for the price, the lot is displayed at €430,000 (£365,000), roughly the price of a small flat in London. An ideal place, for buyers wishing to live there, or rather to develop some sort of business there (tourism, animal farming, or other).

The agency begins its pitch with a description of the local environment, a truly peaceful refuge surrounded by nature. It says:

This hamlet is a very special place. It is located in a wonderful and quiet valley, just 15 kilometres from Vivero on the coast of Lugo. The magnificent estate has an extension of 5 ha, with meadows and trees around the house and, in the back, crossing the mountain road, a beautiful forest. Horses graze in the meadows, between holly and oak. The land is crossed by a small stream that comes from the spring that is born there.

The offer then continues with the description of the buildings themselves:

It is a set of 6 buildings that, in total, offers more than 1,500 m2 built. Two of the houses are fully restored and comfortable to live now. The hamlet of Xerdiz is an ideal property for a group of people who want to adopt a quiet and self-sufficient life, close to nature and that allows establishing, if desired, a business of tourist, livestock, hospitality… even step by step, by phases.

Just like Italy, Spain has many villages deserted by their inhabitants, who have left for the big cities. These two countries are trying to repopulate the countryside by offering deeds at very attractive prices.

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