The World's Largest Aquarium Is In This German Hotel... And It's Incredible

Located in the heart of the Radisson Hotel in Berlin, Aquadom is the largest aquarium in the world integrated into a hotel.

Built into a huge transparent crystal cylinder, it sits in the Berlin Radisson lobby in Germany, and is the only one to have a coral reef. Measuring more than 82 feet high, it can accommodate more than 1,500 fish from waters around the world.

An aquarium on several floors

The Aquadom, built in 2003, is huge and spreads over several floors. To fully enjoy it, visitors can discover the 97 different species by taking a lift which is in the centre of the aquarium. The attraction is visible from the ground floor to the top floor, and without a doubt it attracts huge crowds to this hotel.

Not only fish

On the strength of its success, the aquarium managers have even decided to hire divers to perform small activities for hotel guests and visitors. During your visit, you may have the chance to see a diver making sure that everything is going well, or feeding the various residents of the aquarium. Indeed, every day at 2 pm, eight kilograms of food are served to them by the divers. Quite an impressive show!

We just hope that none of the fish in the aquarium will decide to jump into the crowd like that shark did in the Bahamas…

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