The World’s Highest Swing Will Give You Serious Vertigo!

Afraid of heights? Fair warning—this swing may not be for you. Check out the video and see the world's highest swing in action!

Adrenaline junkies: get ready for your next holiday destination. If you're looking for your next fix, start looking into plane tickets for Durban, South Africa where you can try out the world's highest swing!

Located inside Moses Mabhida Stadium, where the World Cup 2010 took place, sits a swing over 400 steps high in the air. After climbing up 720 feet, you'll be able to gear up and get ready to plummet over 200 feet at over 75 mph!

Matthew Karsten said on his Youtube Channel:

The jump crew secures me into another safety line at the top for the climb down a 10 foot ladder onto a catwalk. It’s very windy up here, which isn’t helping my nerves. I’m then attached to a 3rd safety line and slowly walk across to the jump point. This is when reality hits you. I’m about to jump from the top of this stadium—350 feet in the air!

And just in case you suffer from vertigo, don't worry: swimming with sharks is another popular activity you can do when over there!

Check out the video above to see the swing in action!

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