The First Ever Nudist Restaurant Has Opened In Paris

In Paris, a restaurant unlike any other has just opened up. Devoted to lovers of naturism, this restaurant offers people the chance to come dine in their birthday suits.

Located close to the newly created nudist colony in the Bois de Vincennes, the restaurant called ‘Ô Naturel’ promises its clients a unique culinary experience. And for good reason, since this Parisian establishment is the first nudist restaurant to open in France.

Located in the French capital and thought up by two restauranteur brothers, their menus include both vegan and classic dishes for a price ranging from 49 to 59 euros according to your choice.

‘We went to meet up with naturists and we discovered a state of mind that promotes common values such as respect for yourself and others, freedom and a desire to live like an epicurean,’ the two founders explained to the Naturisme magazine, who also assured that people who don’t follow a nudist lifestyle are also welcome at their new restaurant.

People who are too shy to dine in their birthday suits are free to keep their clothes on and will be directed to a room reserved for clients who are ‘dressed’. As for followers of the nudist lifestyle, a locker room will be made available so that people can undress before going to eat.

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