The Clock In This Hotel In London Has A Very Surprising Way Of Telling The Time

This London hotel Ham Yard is home to a very special and unique wall clock, which is made up of 135 small clocks.

If you fancy going to London, maybe take a walk through the hallway in the Ham Yard hotel that can be found in the Soho area. This establishment is home to a wall clock that is completely original and surprising. This innovative object is actually made up of 135 small, yet perfectly synchronised clocks. Also, after a few seconds, all these little clocks line up to show the time and visually, the result is really impressive.

A clock inspired by another piece of art

When we see it turn and line up, it has quite a psychedelic and rather hypnotising look to it. This clock is inspired by the art work A Million Times designed by the Swedish collective Humans Since 1982. Using an extremely precise system, they all align as the clocks change, meaning every new minute, they show the new time.

A place of contemplation

We can easily imagine clients and visitors at the hotel sitting in front of this clock and watching for a while without moving and letting the time fly by. This is something you have to add to your list for when you are next in London.

Check out the video above to see the unusual clock in action!

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