Sudanese plane pilot attacked by cat, forced to land

On February 24, a plane from the Tarco Aviation was forced to turn around after only half an hour of flight. Why? An attack in the cockpit by… a cat.

Cat Hijacks Plane, Forces It To Turn Around
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It was obviously not satisfied with the travel conditions… and wanted to let the people in charge know. The Sudanese daily Al-Sudani reveals this incredible story. On Wednesday February 24, a plane from the local airline Tarco Aviation was forced to turn around after only half an hour of flight. A technical problem? Not exactly... The reason relates to an unusual type of passenger. A cat simply attacked the captain in his cockpit.

Infiltration while cleaning the plane?

And the feline was an ambitious little critter, since it was an international flight, connecting the Sudanese capital Khartoum to that of Qatar, Doha. The question you are surely asking yourself is: how did the cat end up in the air, moreover in the cockpit? One answer, according to information from Al-Sudani, is the feline could have entered the craft the day before, during its cleaning or a routine check.

The cat, this great traveler

Planes and cats, the start of a love story? Last February, The Independent reported another startling story on the subject. A cat has been seen in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 landing at Tel Aviv International Airport, Israel, and coming from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The plane had been grounded since January 24, which suggests that the feline would have survived without water or food for two weeks.

In 2019, the British daily told the story of a cat who obviously wanted to take part in the journey of his masters. Nick and Voirrey Coole were about to fly to New York, before being arrested before boarding. The scanners had revealed that their cat Candy had slipped into one of their suitcases.