Spanish lake known as the ‘Galician Chernobyl’ is making influencers sick

This heavenly lake in Galicia has left influencers suffering serious after-effects after they went swimming in it.

With itsturquoise waters, mountainous regions and startling colours, the lake at Monte Neme, located in Galicia, Spain, appeared to be the ideal spot for any influencer who decided they want to make the most of their holidays, while still continuing to fill their Instagram account to attract new followers.

The ‘Galician Chernobyl’

But this little corner of wild paradise isn’t as perfect as it might seem. The lake is said to be located around an old tungsten mine dating back to World War 2 which has been abandoned since the 1980s. Its waters contain toxic minerals such as lead and aluminium. And although the locals call it the ‘Spanish Maldives’, it has recently been given another less flattering nickname: the ‘Galician Chernobyl’.

As you may have guessed, swimming in these waters that look beautiful at first glance, can lead to serious health consequences for the individual. But for lots of people, the area is so beautiful that it is impossible to resist taking a little dip and snapshot that they will then upload to Instagram.

A charity association wants to limit access to the lake

As an article on Euronews explained, influencers have been getting sick after they went swimming in Monte Neme, particularly experiencing 'damage to the skin’ and for those who swallowed the water, serious digestive problems. One of the victims reportedly experienced skin reactions that resembled a rash for nearly two weeks afterwards, as the website Sputnik revealed based on a testimony given on Spanish radio COPE. Ayoung woman posted to Twitter:

‘Today, this was released on the news and in several newspapers, my mother is proud,’

But one problem remains; there are lots of tourists that still visit Monte Neme because there are no warning signs around the lake informing them of its toxicity and the dangers. Currently, the environmental group Salvemos Cabana is battling with the authorities to limit access to the lake.

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Spanish lake nicknamed 'Galician Chernobyl' makes anyone who swims in it sick Spanish lake nicknamed 'Galician Chernobyl' makes anyone who swims in it sick