Salar De Uyuni In Bolivia Is The Most Incredible Desert In The World

Nestled in the highlands of southwestern Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is a desert like no other. This gigantic expanse of salt has an appearance as unique as it is deceptive, it is almost like a mirage.

Have you heard of Bolivia? This sublime country in South America is full of sublime landscapes. Lush forests, picturesque villages, mountains, deserts... There is a multitude of options that will allow it to be an unforgettable trip! And if having the impression of walking on water is a dream of yours, this is the ideal destination for you. Allow us to tell you more.

A breathtaking landscape

With more than 3,800 square miles, Salar d'Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world. In this video, you can contemplate this beautiful desert which has a kind of disturbing beauty. Its appearance, similar to that of a mirror, comes from the fact that it is covered with a thin layer of water all over its surface from December to May, during the austral summer.

A popular place

In recent years, more and more tourists have come to admire this site which is one of the most incredible in the world. So much so that you can even find a hotel built entirely of salt in the middle of the lake.

An almost unrealistic result

As we can see in the video above, the desert can be seen in all its forms and during all seasons, which gives it a totally magical appearance which seems to be straight out of a dream. What is certain is that it changes enormously according to what period of the year it is.

Check out the video above to see the incredible desert for yourself!

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