Revealed: How To Get Upgraded To First Class For Free

Have you ever dreamt of travelling in first class, but the price terrified you? Don’t be afraid, there are a few little tricks to be naturally upgraded that will make your journey a lot more pleasant.

Revealed: How To Get Upgraded To First Class For Free
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Revealed: How To Get Upgraded To First Class For Free

You have to plan it carefully if you want to have a pleasant flying experience, that’s for sure, but there are also a few little tricks you should know that can make it better. Whether that means you’ll be able to sleep comfortably, not miss your flight or even maybe get upgraded, there’s always something you can do. The ball’s in your court!

1. Loyalty: Use the Miles Rewards System that your company offers, there are a lot of advantages to be had.

2. Get annoyed: If your flight is delayed, don’t hesitate to get angry, you might receive compensation.

3. Introduce yourself: If you know one of the pilots well, you will be upgraded almost automatically.

4. Get there early: The earlier you are to check in, the more likely you’ll be to be offered an upgrade.

5. Get there late and without booking a flight: In reverse, if you stumble upon an overbooked flight, you could be offered an upgrade instead.

6. Check your e-mails: You could receive some really good offers even a few minutes before your flight that you might as well take advantage of.

7. Travel in off-peak periods: In these periods, the prices reduce by a few pounds!

8. Spend a lot of money: During an expensive move or if you have a lot of baggage, you could easily be upgraded.

9. Gain weight: First class seats are larger than regular seats, so you would be more comfortable

10. Check in at the desk: Your ticket could be changed for a reasonable price.