Refusing to wear a mask, this woman was kicked off from the plane

In the United States, a woman was asked to leave a plane because she refused to wear her mandatory mask.

This video, which first appeared on 20th July, has recently been circulating social media. The video, which was taken at an American airport, shows a woman being kicked off an American Airlines plane because she refused to wear a mask. However, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, wearing a mask in situations like this is mandatory.

As a result, the offending passenger was asked to disembark the aircraft by airline staff. Visibly upset, the woman quickly collects her luggage before heading for the plane’s exit. At that moment, the other passengers on the flight reacted in the most perfect and epic way: they began to applaud to show how happy they were that the woman had been asked to leave the plane.

‘Just leave’

The woman didn’t take their applause so well and responded with ‘You can clap all you want’, to which one of the other passengers replied: ‘Just leave’. You can find the clip in our video at the top of this article. This video has had millions of views on Twitter and TikTok.

As CNews has reminded us, the American Airlines site has set out their rules for flying in black and white:

American, like other U.S airlines, already requires customers to wear a face covering while on board aircraft.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected more than 7 million people in the United States and the country has seen around 207,000 deaths so far. Even US President Donald Trump announced that he himself tested positive for coronavirus on Friday 2nd October 2020.

This Woman Was Kicked Off a Plane After Refusing to Wear a Mask This Woman Was Kicked Off a Plane After Refusing to Wear a Mask