Passengers On This Airliner Narrowly Escaped Tragedy Thanks To One Person's Incredible Attention To Detail

Without him, a tragedy could have occurred.

When we fly, we generally trust the airline to get us safely to our destination without a hitch, but sometimes, staying observant and keeping an eye out can be very helpful. That was certainly the case with this unusual event.

Christophe, a 25-year-old Swiss man was supposed to take off from Geneva to Copenhagen, but he saw something abnormal... He then reported the problem to the staff of the company EasyJet. Here are his words according to the newspaper 20 minutes: "I immediately understood that it wasn't normal: there was a wrench stuck in the wing!"

An open inquiry:

The alert was given on time and an investigation was immediately opened as to understand how this wrench could have ended up there.

A pilot also later commented that "If the object was stuck, the commander would have noticed when retracting the shutters, 400 meters above the ground." We can come pretty easily to the conclusion that if this discovery had been made too late, there could have been dramatic consequences!

Not much recognition:

Even though the young Swiss passenger was thanked by all, the crew and the passengers, the EasyJet airline told him that it would not make any financial gesture.

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