One Company Is Offering The Mystery Holiday Of Your Dreams!

One Company Is Offering The Mystery Holiday Of Your Dreams!

Are you a fan of surprises? Do you love travelling? Then this may just be perfect for you!

Does the idea of setting off on holiday with no idea as to where you’d be going, planning nothing and completely blagging the whole adventure appeal to you? If so, then this concept proposed by a German airline may be made for you.

Lufthansa is currently offering this innovative package to adventurous customers. These surprise flights price at just £61 a ticket will send you off on holiday to a mystery location. However, don’t think you’ll be getting tickets to head out to Australia for that price: locations are limited to European countries. Besides that, you’ll have no idea about where you’ll be heading off to.

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The company does however offer one criteria to help them choose a destination best suited for the customer. Before purchasing the ticket, Lufthansa proposes a few destination themes that you can choose from, like “Go With The Bro”, “The Great Outdoors”, and “For The Lovers”. So don’t worry, you won’t end up in an adorable bed and breakfast with your best mate in Paris.

At the moment, flights are only available leaving from Munich and Frankfurt airports in Germany. Should the concept prove to be successful, we may see it make its way over to the UK.   

Stacey Williams
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