In Germany, This Café Can Literally Turn You Upside Down!

In Wertheim, a café has become a real hotspot on social media sites thanks to one special little detail. It is literally upside down!

Do you ever fancy a coffee somewhere that’s a bit different from where you usually get your fix? Well rest assured, there are some quite original places all over the world! Today, we’re focusing on a coffee shop found in Wertheim in Germany and it really is unlike any other!

Upside down

Built in February in 2016, this building is upside down! Yes, literally upside down. The café is located inside a house that is literally the wrong way around. The roof is firmly resting on the ground, but that’s not all! The entire inside is mapped out to make you feel and believe that you’re walking on the ceiling. Walls, decorations, fittings, everything is the wrong way around. And we have to say, the illusion is incredible!

A huge success

And it’s great! Loads of people have come to see this famous café and they obviously took lots of photos in every room of the ‘house’. And we have to admit that the illusion is quite believable, it definitely looks like they are walking on the ceiling!

We don’t know about you, but it makes us want to visit this café and have a little tour the next time we’re in Germany to see if we fall for it!

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Take a look at the video above for a peek inside this extraordinary building! 

Anna Wilkins
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