His Hotel Room Was Beautiful... But He Found Something Disturbing In The Bedsheets

After arriving in his hotel room, this client made a seriously surprising discovery when he found a handwritten note slipped between the bedsheets. What happened next made him feel sick...

A hotel customer in the United States was surprised to discover a letter lying on his bed. Lifting the sheets, he found the following message: "If you can read this, it's because the cleaning staff didn't change your sheets!" We can read on the paper that it's a chain hotel, Courtyard by Marriott.

The dissatisfied customer then posted a photo of this note on the Reddit network. Since this publication, Internet users have responded by publishing their bad discoveries in hotels. And we warn you, it's really disgusting to realize that in some establishments, even very reputed and very expensive places, cleaning is badly maintained, if done at all...

Another hotel guest said he found a used condom when he arrived in his room - seriously ?! - while a woman explained that her husband had found dirty underwear and two small bottles of alcohol in the bedside table. We wouldn't have liked to stay in these rooms.

While it must be admitted that sometimes it's the customers who are disrespectful and leave their hotel rooms in a deplorable state, the opposite can be just as true. In particular, we can remember pictures of a mattress infested with bedbugs taken by a young woman in a hotel in New York after being attacked by them all night.

He Opened The Window Of His Hotel Room And Saw Something Unbelievable He Opened The Window Of His Hotel Room And Saw Something Unbelievable