He Was Thrown Off His Flight For Using The Toilet

He Was Thrown Off His Flight For Using The Toilet

On April 18th in the United States, a man was forced to leave a plane because he couldn't stop himself from going to the toilet before takeoff. While attempting to find explanations from the company's employees, the passenger didn't have a clear answer, but was still obliged to leave the plane...

Kima Hamilton was one of the passengers on Delta Airlines flight between Atlanta and Milwaukee. While the departure was delayed and the aircraft was stuck on the tarmac for 30 minutes, the 39-year-old DJ and poet had to go to the toilet, feeling he couldn't hold it until the plane took off.

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After going to the bathroom, Kima was forced to leave the plane because he hadn't respected the security protocol. One of the employees had asked Kima to sit down so as not to delay the flight even further. He nevertheless went to the toilet very quickly, but this gesture wasn't forgiven by the company.

Upon returning, the captain announced to the passengers that one of them had to leave the flight. It was Kima. When he asked two employees for an explanation, the first didn't give him a clear answer. The second tried to be understanding but reminded him that he hadn't respected the protocol. Despite support from other passengers, who were also totally taken aback, Kima ultimately had to leave the aircraft and find another flight for which he paid three times more in order to return to Milwaukee...

• Sophie West
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