Global Warming Is Set To Have This Terrifying Effect On Air Travel

Those who are afraid to travel by plane won't be happy with this news: global warming will affect air travel. There will be more turbulence.

This is a subject that comes up often and one that concerns many people: global warming is doing damage that we couldn't imagine. The presence of large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would favour jet streams, winds that blow throughout the troposphere.

Disturbing consequences:

As a result, there will be more turbulence for flights. The prevalence of aerial turbulence will even increase between 36% and 188%, according to a study by Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. Because, even when they aren't dangerous, turbulence can sometimes be very extreme and frightening for passengers.

Worse, because of these jet streams, more serious turbulence that could cause serious injury could increase by 149%, just like that!

Searching for a solution:

The only way to ensure quieter flights? Improve sensors in aircraft so that pilots can best predict turbulence, enabling it to be avoided more easily. An experiment is currently being done on aircraft of American Airlines and Alaska Airlines to counter this dangerous phenomenon.

It is hoped that researchers will quickly find a way to fix the situation, as turbulence frightens many people, and with ever longer flights, travel may become very unpleasant for some...

This is what global warming sounds like - according to a scientist This is what global warming sounds like - according to a scientist