Flight Attendants Have Been Keeping This Big Secret From You...

Flight Attendants Have Been Keeping This Big Secret From You...

Have you ever wondered when flight attendants and pilots rest on very long flights? Let us explain.

When you fly, have you ever noticed how quickly you and other passengers fall asleep? Then again, besides sleeping or watching a movie, there is not much to do during a flight, and on long-haul flights sometimes seem to last an eternity! Unless you have the chance to travel with a particularly funny flight attendant, but being on a plane is usually boring, so you might as well take a nap.

So if you get tired, the flight crew is probably just as sleepy, which could be dangerous! But how do they stay up and alert? There is no miracle solution, they sleep too! But where? Because the plane already looks full when we board it, we can't imagine where they might be able to rest. While they do not have first-class suites like Emirates Airline passengers, you should know that most Boeing 777s and 787s are equipped with secret hatches with stairs that lead to private rooms so that stewards and stewardesses can rest. Pilots usually even have a private room.

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This area is hidden with great care and the airlines refuse to reveal their location to guarantee the flight crew optimal tranquility. I mean, when you see how certain passengers behave, you'll want to be able to hide away from them in a secret room... Regardless, we will try to look out for them during our next trips and if we find something out, we will keep you informed.

Ruby Smith
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