Check Out These 25 Places In The World As You've Never Seen Them Before!

Looking for ideas for your next holiday? Discover these 25 sublime places on Earth as seen from the sky! 

By just taking a simple photograph, you are not always able to immortalise all the beauty and architectural complexity of the environment around you. More often than not, in order to fully appreciate something, you have to go up high.

Places seen from the sky

This is exactly what these Russian photographers did with their aerial shots that allow you to observe different parts of the planet like you've never seen them before. And you will see, it's worth a look! You may need to start planning for your next summer holiday...

Discover the world from a different angle

Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Dubai... These photographs are from around the world and show us countries from an unprecedented angle, which then give an absolutely sublime rendering. Unless you visit each of these destinations by helicopter, or accompanied by a drone, you'll never be able to see them in this way! And we can really say that the results are quite breathtaking.

Whether they are landscapes of illuminated cities, beaches, views of the countryside or man-made constructions, everything takes on another aspect from above. And the results will really make you want to see what happens in these beautiful cities. Much different than your average Instagram holiday photo, right?

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So which of these 25 photographs is your favourite?

By Rob Mitchell
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