At This Arctic Resort You Can Sleep In A Glass Igloo Gazing At The Northern Lights

If you have always dreamed of sleeping in an igloo, Hotel Kakslauttanen in Lapland in Finland is the place for you.

In Northern Finland, more precisely in Lapland, is where the incredible Kakslauttanen Artic Resort hotel is located! We’ll explain in detail everything you can do there and the beautiful things to see, a change of scenery is guaranteed.

Several choices of accommodation

From December to the end of April, when you go to the Arctic Circle, you can enjoy one or more nights in an igloo. Two choices are available to you, the classic igloo made of snow or the igloo of the future made completely out of glass. The latter is constructed with a special thermal glass that maintains a normal temperature inside the igloo.

Do not worry if you choose the snow igloo, thermal blankets are provided to keep you warm all night long!

Many activities on offer

The village also has a chapel made of snow and an ice bar which is rebuilt every winter. You will be able to admire the aurora borealis, which appear from mid-August until the end of April. Other activities include reindeer safaris, horse riding in the snow and an icebreaker cruise.

Shifting gears, but just as exotic, you can also try the Manta Resort Underwater Room which allows you to stay in a room 13 feet deep under water. An incredible experience!

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