After Numerous Accidents, Spain's 'Slide Of Death' Has Finally Been Closed

After Numerous Accidents, Spain's 'Slide Of Death' Has Finally Been Closed

The 'slide of death' claimed numerous victims and went viral before being shut down by Spanish authorities.

In Estepona, Spain, people have been risking their lives to avoid a fifteen minute walk. A slide designed by authorities of the city, which you can see in the video above, has been set up as a shortcut, for the laziest of visitors. This slide has been installed to avoid wasting time in several pedestrian streets. The only downside: this time saving involves a huge risk, which was clearly overlooked by authorities of the city at first.

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This giant 38-metre-long slide has caused multiple injuries as the speed accumulated during the descent is in no way slowed towards the end of the shortcut, thus causing falls as well as injuries. Many people have enjoyed the compilations of falls that you can find on social networks. It is therefore logical that authorities have decided to prohibit the use of this slide, less than two days after it was put there, so as to not have any deaths on their conscience.

Almost certainly a wise decision! Check out the video above to see the so-called 'slide of death' for yourself!

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