Video Game Company Atari Is Going To Open Several Hotels Dedicated To Gaming!

Atari is launching into the hotel business. 8 buildings will be built in the United States, each with an individual gaming theme and several eSport rooms...

Don't let the setbacks of the latest retro console Ataribox make you think that the company is in trouble! Indeed, no less than 8 brand new hotels are under construction in 8 cities in North America.

In partnership with a real estate developer in Arizona and a technological innovation company, the deal is worth a lot of money.

Located in Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco and San Jose, construction will begin on the hotels mid-2020 (especially in Phoenix). The room prices have not yet been announced.

The contract between the 3 groups mainly relies on Atari for its notoriety. Thus, only 5% of the turnover will go to the French company, while about £500,000 were given to it upon signature.

This will help a little with the shipments of the Atari VCS (ex-Ataribox, several years late). The world of video games will, of course, be the main draw:

'Atari hotels will include common areas taking into account the latest hotel trends, with a focus on the universe of video games and the Atari brand. They will thus include a first-rate online gaming room and a playground in Atari's colours, but also meeting rooms, co-working areas, a kitchen, a bar, a bakery, a cinema and a gym. They target a family or professional clientele for luxurious, relaxed and original stays.'
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