12 Reasons Australia Is One Of The Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Australia is a country that many dream about visiting. However it is also a particularly dangerous country! Whether it's the sun, natural disasters or nature, Australian life is rather wild. Here are 12 photos which will explain why Australia is a such a hostile country.

Australia is beautiful, it’s interesting, it's far away... It's an exotic country that many wish to visit. It is estimated that between 70,000 and 90,000 hope to move there permanently. However it is also an extremely dangerous country.

Did you know for example that 21 of the 25 species of poisonous snakes live in Australia? Or because of the hole in the ozone layer, two out of three Australians will develop skin cancer before their 70s? Or that swimming is totally forbidden at certain times of the year because of the deadly sharks and jellyfish living off the coasts? Here are 12 examples that prove why Australia is undeniably a country that is out to get you.

By Rob Mitchell
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