He Trained Like Chris Hemsworth For 30 Days And The Results Were Incredible

An American Youtuber named Erik Conover tried training like Chris Hemsworth for 30 days.

Is becoming a new man in a month impossible? Nothing is for sure anymore after the video released by Youtuber Erik Conover.

Normally his videos are dedicated to travelling and discovering beautiful places (especially in New York), but this American decided to transform himself using Chris Hemsworth’s training routine.

After taking lots of trips, Erik Conover admitted that he wasn’t in the best shape of his life, to the point where he became ill. Once he was better, he decided to throw himself into this challenge to get back into shape. The goal was to follow a training program worthy of the name for 30 days.

Two workouts a day

To reach his goal of losing his belly and getting stronger, the young man used the training app called Centr, created by Chris Hemsworth himself at the beginning of the year. In just one day, Erik would do one cardio session with the application, and a second session to work on his strength and weight training. This program has 4 sessions a week and is based on a program that the actor who played Thor had followed to prepare for the Avengers films.

Obviously to succeed, Erik Conover also had to cut out all his bad diet habits. Meaning no more refined sugar, no alcohol and especially no junk food. For 30 days, and despite eating 4,500 calories, he only ate good food. And now that he has finished, the result is quite impressive. All it takes is a bit of will.

Check out the video above to see Erik's incredible transformation for yourself...

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