After Years Of Verbal Abuse, This Woman Got The Best Revenge On Her Ex-Husband

Sometimes, the best revenge is proving the other person wrong. And that's exactly what Liz Kerslake did with her ex-husband, who called her fat and ugly for years. She eventually decided to leave him and transform herself.

For many years, Liz Kerslake endured verbal abuse from her husband, who wanted her to lose weight and was so cruel as to call her fat and ugly. One day, Liz gathered all her courage and decided to leave him.

However, she didn't want to stop there. She also wanted to prove to herself, and to her ex-husband especially, that she could lose weight all by herself. That way, she could show her ex that she didn't need him in her life to change.

During her weight loss journey, Liz met Nick, her new husband, and stopped eating healthy and going to the gym. Unfortunately, the weight piled on again.

Determined not to let herself go and repeat past mistakes, she went back on her diet. Her goal was to lose weight so she could fit into her wedding dress. After months of hard work, Liz is now happily married to Nick and can fit into size 8 clothes, something she could never have imagined at the start of her journey.

Liz's story is very inspiring. On one hand, it serves as proof that body shaming is a very real problem that many women are subject to daily. An unacceptable practice that many women are trying to change.

On the other hand, her story shows us that, although losing weight isn't easy, it's quite simple. You just need to eat healthy and move a little every day. Willpower is also essential. And most importantly, you should know that you will stumble during the process, but in the end, all that matters is that you manage to get back up and start over.

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