Facebook Is Launching a New Tool to Remove All Your Embarrassing Posts

From immature posts to unwanted photos, the Facebook social network is full of content you wish you had never published. This month they are launching a function that will allow you to sort through this content.

Some people have had a Facebook account since the social network was first opened up to everyone in 2006. Since then, it's very likely that the posts you have shared over the years no longer reflect the person you are today. You might be hit by a wave of shame when an old status from when you were a teenager or a drunken party photo is dug up by one of your overly curious friends.

Those of you who have already tried to clean up your profile know that deleting these sometimes embarrassing memories can be painful for your self-esteem... but also quite tedious. Luckily, this won't be the case anymore. In a press release from June 2nd, 2020, Facebook announced that it has developed the Manage Activity tool to simplify the process of deleting old posts.

Keep secret or delete forever

Two options will be available: archive or delete. The first will make content invisible to your contacts, but will still allow you to keep it. The second, more radical option, is to delete this content. Deleted items will be kept in a recycle bin for 30 days, before being permanently deleted from the platform, unless a wave of nostalgia takes hold of you and you decide to retrieve something before the fateful date.

Since we've all shared a few cheeky things over the years, the tool will allow you to view and manage all your messages, so you can delete them all at once. Filters will help you find posts more easily, by sorting them by keywords, by another person, or by date. For now, Manage Activity is already available on mobile devices and Facebook Lite, the lighter application for Android. The function should also be available on the desktop version in the future.

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