Where Are They Now? The Malcolm In The Middle Cast Are All Grown Up

Malcolm in the Middle was, for a long time, THE unmissable series for when we returned to school. Sprawled out on our sofas, Nutella in hand, we ate up the crazy adventures that this crazy family got up to.

From 2000 to 2006, Malcolm in the Middle always had us laughing. Malcolm and his brothers made over 150 episodes together showing the unexpected situations they got into, driving their parents Loïs and Hal crazy. The series unfortunately finished, and nothing will be able to replace it.

For 7 seasons and 6 years, the actors made the series as well as their characters come alive. Loïs and Hal were one of those legendary couples on TV whilst Malcolm, Dewey, Reese and Francis made their lives a living hell.

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What became of the actors?

Since the end of the series, the actors have been making the most of the glory that these years gave them. Bryan Cranston – Hal – became the famous Heisenberg in Breaking Bad, Justin Berfield – Reese – started his own production company and has worked with huge stars such as Bradley Cooper and even Robert de Niro. Others decided to gently step out of the spotlight such as Erik Per Sullivan – Dewey – and Frankie Muniz, the hero from the series who had quite a difficult adolescence because of the two strokes he had in one year.

Check out the images below of how the actors have changed since the series ended!

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